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While you're investing your money.
Have you recently made some bad financial decisions?
You have no time to investigate how to expand and secure your wealth?
Are you worried about your family’s financial security?
You have kids and you want to support their big dreams when they grow up.
You want a comfortable retirement.
You are getting all sorts of financial tips from all directions and it’s confusing.
You just recently graduated and don’t know how to put your hard-earned money to good use.

Stop setting goals. Goals are pure fantasy unless you have a specific plan to achieve them.

- Stephen Covey

Stop gambling your future away with bad financial advice. Trust Garry’s insight and expertise to grow your money with assurance.
Using proven tested tools and products to provide stable investment returns.
Personal and detailed monitoring of your funds.
Market insight and expert advice.
Strategies created just for you and with you.

Meeting Garry Wong

What Others Say about Garry Wong

I know and trust that Garry will protect my interests as well as my family's interests. I find him to be discreet, reliable and trustworthy.

Jonathan Wong
Senior Associate
Bayfront Law LLC

Garry was introduced to me by my brother. He doesn’t push for a hard sell.

He provided me with transparent pricing and information about his products, and he does not confuse me with too many products.

He shares a holistic view/ framework of wealth management. Therefore making it easier to mark out milestone and plan for major life events. I trust him.

Karan Malik
Senior Consultant
Cognizant Tech

Garry understands my needs at my current stage of life and career and I trust that he will make the appropriate judgments in all the investment-related policies to get the best returns for me.

I am able to contact him quickly for any financial or insurance-related advice. I get a “peace of mind” knowing that the same person is taking charge of my policies.

I also like the “freebies” like meal treats every year. Garry is a very responsible man who understands your needs in life and provides the appropriate advice for your financial journey.
Johnny Wong

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Do you want to know how many years it will take for you to reach financial independence based on your current annual income and spending in Singapore?

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